An Introductory Note

Dear Reader,

The Eth2 Book is a comprehensive educational resource about Eth2, the most expansive Ethereum upgrade to date. Although you're probably itching to finally learn all about Eth2, we've decided to introduce this subject with an extensive motivation of our work.

Educational resources about other technological constructions might not need a section like this. Blockchain systems, however, have the potential to impact social interactions in a manner perhaps only recently matched by the rise of the Internet. We've seen first hand over the past decade the negative consequences of social technology when developed and promoted by nebulous private interests. Social technology must be honest and open to criticism. We believe it's critically important, therefore, that our readers understand exactly who we are and why we've created this resource.

We've designed this introduction as a series of answers to some of the most important questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis. We hope this will help you feel more open and connected to the concepts and ideas presented in this book.

So, without further ado, welcome to The Eth2 Book!